Pondering about Rob Bell

The day I started the blog 12/2/14. Lots of things are going on . I am currently watching Iron man 3, texting back and forth with my new pastor. Thoughts are running through my head after a post on facebook that I had read today. Brought to my attention by my pastor. The topic being discussed was about a “proclaimed” (I am sure others proclaim this too) of the slippery slope that Rob Bell may be on. I do not personally know much about Rob Bell other than the I feel one sided article I read (http://www.religionnews.com/2014/12/02/what-ever-happened-rob-bell-pastor-questioned-gates-hell/) and then a video that felt a little “That’s so 70” ish ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhCKCoVSn9I). The conclusions that I have come to are that though maybe his ideas on marriage are different than mine, maybe the man is getting a Tv show by means of Oprah. But just because he has a bigger platform than maybe the poster of the facebook post had, doesn’t mean that he is a heathen. The mercy, grace, and love that god shows us on a daily basis is not just, in my eyes, reserved for me! I need just as much Jesus as I did yesterday, and I will continue to need more of him as my days go on. So though we may not agree with Robs views on some topics. I will agree with truth that “god has not given up on this world”. So if I can boil down to a “foundational theology” I would say that we are all born sinners, sin in the flesh, indubitably there. If this is the case I need Christ saving me just as much as any other person walking this earth, even Sir Joel Osteen himself, from the Pharisees to Billy gram. We all need Jesus, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever until we are in heaven with him. And if Rob Bell sees eye to eye with me on this I have no ultimate argument. If he doesn’t see eye to eye? That’s okay too, I am still learning and growing myself and am finding many new situations to love people more.

If you guys comment I ask that with a comment you present 1 or more of Gods/Jesus’ teachings
Thanks for listening, until next time. Same bat time, same bat channel!